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Final workshop on rainwater harvesting in South Morocco

Final workshop on rainwater harvesting in South Morocco

A circular path has been completed in order to present measures for strengthening the agricultural sector in the region Souss-Massa-Draâ in December 2015. Rainfalls are less frequent and single events often heavier in these oases that are highly affected by climate change.

Due to poor and infrequent water supply traditional agricultural activities have declined significantly and heavy rainfall events are cause of erosion in many areas. A combination of various decentralized and small-scale measures was set up to improve the situation. One example is the construction of several ground sills / small dams that have been built in the long branched valleys above the oasis Tidrheste to reduce erosion.

Water retention measures increase the infiltration rate and usable water is directed into small channels. As a result of the collection of water in Negarim microcatchments and decentralized cisterns the olive tree cultivation is now possible without usage of (scarce) groundwater.

The successful international cooperation of AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure Burkard und Partner, Schulze-Matthes Ingenieure, the Association Ennacer de Développement (AED) of Tidrheste and the GIZ shall be continued. Further information about the project, irrigation, erosion protection and Rainwater Harvesting in arid climate zones may be obtained from Heribert Rustige.

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