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AKUT is part of the developing team to establish Berlin`s central river pool

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Institutional Strengthening of ENACAL in Nicaragua


AKUT optimizes energy efficiency of water supply systems in Brazil

On behalf of GIZ in Brazil AKUT is commissioned to develop a new framework for improved energy efficiency in urban water supply systems.

Water resources management in Brazils is one of the sectors with a energy demand in relation to other public services. The water supply system is characterized by low efficiency. Supply systems are mostly outdated and in ailing condition.

The project is structured into four fields of activities: (1) support of the Brazilian Ministry of Cities (MCid) in developing new funding instruments with the goal of energy efficiency; (2) organization of interinstitutional and intersectoral dialogues; (3) Elaboration and application of technical and economical energy efficiency instruments   and measures and (4) Extension and qualitative improvement of consultancy services for the water management sector concerning energy efficiency.

The project timeline is scheduled from beginning of 2016 until the end of 2018. AKUT has organized a close collaboration with the swiss engineers “Skat Consulting AG” (specialized on energy efficiency measures) and the Portuguese Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil) whose experience in the national initiative for loss control (iPerdas, Iniciativa Nacional para o Controle Eficiente de Perdas) will be essential for the success of this project.

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