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Institutional Strengthening of ENACAL in Nicaragua

AKUT has been awarded with a contract by GIZ (German Technical Cooperation) to continue its institutional strengthening project for ENACAL in Nicaragua.

A higher efficiency in water supply and sanitation is the principal objective of this technical cooperation. The measures are part of the institutional strengthening of the national water supply and sanitation (WSS) company “Empresa Nicaragüense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados – ENACAL“. In addition to the ongoing assistance at the offices Boacco and Chontales this stage of the project will also include the offices in the departments St. Tomás, Camoapa and Acoyapa.

The project comprises the following components:

The improvement of service quality (duration of supply and customer services), a reduction of receivable accounts and enhanced processes for result and effect oriented planning services, monitoring and evaluation. This shall be achieved through the introduction of the GIS based system SIGIL.

The reduction of physical water losses and energy costs as well as increased revenues through extension and maintenance of a customers register are measures to limit the operational costs of ENACAL.

A modern surface waters monitoring system will be established for the supervion of receiving water bodies.

The operational management of 14 wastewater treatment plants of ENACAL will be improved in order to comply with legal requirements regarding outflow water quality of wastewater plants.

Timeframe of the project is 3 years.

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