Treating wastewater with smart technologies

Standardized wastewater disposal was yesterday. Today, innovative, case-specific, cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for wastewater treatment are needed.

In addition to conventional processes AKUT focuses on the SBR technology, natural processes (constructed wetlands) as well as specific processes for industrial wastewater.

Benefit from our experience in e.g. upgrading of waste stabilisation ponds to SBR ponds, in the treatment of combined sewage using constructed wetland systems that do not require pre-treatment and therefore avoid accumulation of sludge, in the anaerobic treatment of highly concentrated industrial effluents with biogas production and its conversion into electric energy, in the reclamation and re-use of the effluent of sewage treatment plants and in the re-use of grey water after separation of flow streams and partial flow treatment (eco sanitation).

Sewage treatment plants

  • Nature-orientated and technical implementation
  • Planning and site management
  • Plant management
  • Efficiency and optimisation
  • Surveying/certification

Sewer systems

  • Reconstruction
  • Planning and site managment
  • New sewage transport systems (FLAT)

Industrial wastewater treatment

  • Planning and optimisation of industrial wastewater treatment facilities

Sewage Sludge

  • Sludge treating reed beds
  • Utilisation concepts
  • Solar drying facilities


  • Many years' research experience in treatment wetlands with planted soil filters and in anaerobic processes


  • SBR-plants with nitrification, denitrification and bio-P-removal
  • Energy eifficency < 25 kWh per inhabitant per year
  • Patented process control
  • Upgrade of an aerated lagoon to SBR pond

Constructed Wetlands

  • Two-stage process constructed wetlands with nitrogen removal
  • Constructed wetlands with integrated sludge treatment (French system)
  • Actively aerated treatment wetlands
  • Reed polder systems for phosphorus removal

SBR Pond
(6000 p.e.)

Wagenitz, Germany, 2012

For reconstruction of the sewage plant in Wagenitz, Brandenburg,  AKUT came up with a very cost efficient solution. By implementing the sequencing batch process (SBR) in a pond construction it was possible to achieve best treatment values for an absolutely low price. The use of intelligent fuzzy control software dropped the nitrogen values below 5 mg/l which is far below the current state of the art. more >