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AKUT is contractor of the Swiss Development Cooperation

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Sanitation surveys in Lima, Peru


Modernization of Peruvian Water Management

The program for modernization and strengthening of Water Management – PROAGUA II – supports the implementation of an ambitious reorganization process in the Peruvian water supply and sanitation (WSS) sector.

The “Modernization of Water Management Act” (Ley de Modernización de los Servicios de Saneamiento Nº 30045) and the establishment of a new sectoral organization OTASS (Organismo Técnico de Administración de los Servicios de Saneamiento) make up the basis of the process.

WSS companies which do not comply with certain performance requirements, will be put under a transitional administrative body (Régimen de Apoyo Transitorio, RAT) in order to improve the service situation.

AKUT and its partner COMO Consult GmbH have been contracted to work in three compontents of PROAGUA II:

  1. Implementation of the “Modernization of Water Management Act”
  2. Improvement of performances of WSS through the transitional administrative body (RAT)
  3. Improvement of wastewater treatment management in WSS companies

Timeframe of the project will be 4 years.

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