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Promoting climate-friendly biogas technology in Brazil

Since October 2013 AKUT is active on behalf of GIZ in Brazil within the German Climate Technology Initiative (DKTI). The project takes place until September 2015 and promotes the energetic use of biogas in the wastewater sector.

The project supports the Brazilian energy planning authority EPE (Empresa de Pesquisa Energética) in the analysis of the biogas potential in Brazil, as well as in the identification of successful biogas business models for and barriers to the economic utilisation of anaerobe technologies, so that this information can be used for key stakeholders in the biogas sector. Throughout of the project four pilot and demonstration projects will be initiated.

Information on energy demand and gas potential of the systems is required in order to improve energy efficiency and the energetic use of biogas in sewage treatment plants. To determine the biogas potential and to develop proposals for future wastewater treatment projects a measurement campaign at ten selected wastewater treatment plants will be carried out.

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