Institutional Strengthening of the water utility EPS Grau

Peru, 2015-2017

Project services:

AKUT is consulting the water utility EPS Grau on strategic, technical and financial questions.


Proyecto de Agua, Saneamiento y Manejo del Recurso Hídrico para Piura

Componente Fortalecimiento Institucional, Comunicación y Sensibilización Pública


The water utility EPS Grau is one of the biggest water and sewerage boards in Peru and provides services in the fields of drinking water supply and sewage treatment for about 750 000 inhabitants.

Connection rates are 77 % for drinking water and 62 % for sewage treatment. The supply area of EPS Grau is characterized by arid conditions. Therefore a sustainable and efficient management of the water resources is necessary.

The cities Paita (leading port for industrial fish production) and Talara (centre of Peruvian oil production) are parts of the supply area next to the city Piura. These are designated centres of growth in northern Peru within the upcoming years.

The inadequate water supply and water pollution due to insufficient sewage treatment are a serious risk to the overall development of the region.


Reduction of water losses (physical water losses, e.g. through pipe bursts and commercial water losses, e.g. through insufficient billing and informal water connections),

Increased revenues through introduction of a new water tariffs system,

Strategic and financial planning for new infrastructure and rehabilitation of existing plants,

Human resources development and Change Management,

Improvements regarding transparency and effectiveness of internal processes,

Improvement of the financial situation and internal organization,

Support in Public Relations.