Public swimming pool with biofilter in Neustadt (Dosse)

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30 Years First Hand Environmental Engineering

Our success in engineering is based on the implementation of recent scientific research and the regular feedback from our customers.

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Integrated sani­tation concepts

Lima • Moyobamba • Cusco • Juliaca, Peru, 2010 - 2013

In Peru 30 to 40% of the population does not have access to adequate sanitary facilities and sanitation services. Resulting problems especially occur in the rapidly growing peri-urban areas with relatively dense populations. Very basic pit latrines without any hygienic standard are often built far away from the houses so that many people, in particular women and children, avoid using it. These latrines usually cannot be emptied and new ones have to be constructed once they are filled. In addition, uncovered pits and abandoned latrines create serious public risks.

In this situation urine diversion dry toilets (UDDT) with twin vault systems offer decisive advantages. more >



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Cooperation and Employment

AKUT has established a broad base in terms of diversified engineering services and world­wide activities. Our custo­mers are highly satisfied with our professional solutions for inte­resting and challenging projects.

In finding these solutions our team of well trained, experienced and moti­vated employees could well need some reinforcement, specifically in the field of international development cooperation.

If this appeals to you, please send us your application documents.

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Development Cooperation

Since 1998 we are involved in development cooperation.

Brasilien, Peru, Bolivien, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominikanische Republik, Mexico, Syrien, Afghanistan, Aserbaidschan, China, Thailand, Kenia, Sudan, Ägypten, Marokko