Sustainable residence "Am Lokdepot"

Berlin, Germany, 2012-2015

Project services:

Building services engineering for heating, ventilation systems, sanitary facilities and electrical installations with building bus systems EIB.

Optimization of the energy concept and planning of the local heating network.

Technical tender preparation of energy-contracting for heat and electricity, including CHPs and condensing technology.

Certification according to EnEV (German Energy Saving Regulation) and thermal building simulation according to DIN 4108-2 about summer heat insulation.


Key figures:

Total floor area of houses  1-5:
10,000 m².

Energy efficiency:

Energy standard: KfW70.

Primary energy demand according to EnEV 2009 (German Energy Saving  Regulation): 35 – 47 kWh/m²/year.


Technical building equipment (according to DIN KGR 400): 3,6 Mio €.


On a 28,000 m² site located next to the former loco shed and the historically protected halls of “Deutsches Technikmuseum” (German Museum of Technology, Berlin) the residential buildings “Am Lokdepot 1-17” constitute a whole new street.

The extraordinary and high-quality architecture includes variable floor plans and loft-like living spaces with intermediary levels. Individual partialities of the owner require ambitious and adapted solutions for heating, ventilation systems and sanitary facilities.

The whole technical building services had to comply to a higher energy efficiency compared to the legal standard and an energy demand lower than 70 percent of the limit values defined by EnEV 2009 (German Energy Saving Regulation).

The new access street provided space for new local heating and electricity networks.

An important idea was that all residents should benefit through low energy and electricity costs.


AKUT developed an energy concept for the sustainable supply of the area with heat and electricity. Three energy control centers with combined heat and power units (CHPs) were planned to supply 8 houses through a local heating network. The centers were included in the development.

The reliable calculation of demands combined with a thoroughly done system planning is essential to ensure an optimized degree of utilization and it guarantees the economic efficiency of the realized energy supply system.

The apartments are equipped with underfloor heating and level-access showers. Decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery provide fresh air whilst sound insulation of the façade is excellent. By applying the building bus system EIB for some of the apartments their heating, ventilation and lighting can be controlled from remote (Smart Home).

Individual planning of the apartments made it possible to fulfill unusual technical requirements and fancy design preferences of individual flat owners.